Amazon To Release Six New Smart TVs Powered By The Fire TV Edition OS

Amazon and Best Buy have teamed up to release several new lines of Fire TV Edition televisions from Toshiba and Insignia. These smart TVs are powered by a built-in Fire TV and are similar to the Roku line of smart TVs.

This summer Toshiba was the first to launch a line of Roku TVs. Now, according to AFTVnews, six more Fire TV Edition smart TVs will be released by Insignia.

According to AFTVnews, the new Amazon Fire TV Edition smart TVs will come in 24-inch 720p (HD), 32-inch 720p (HD), 39-inch 1080p (Full HD), 43-inch 2160p (Ultra HD 4K), 50-inch 2160p (Ultra HD 4K), and 55-inch 2160p (Ultra HD 4K).

These TVs will range in price from USD 149.99 for the 24-inch version to USD 429.99 for the 4K HDR 55-inch TV. This new aggressive price point will help them stand out from their Roku competitors from manufacturers like TCL.

From the looks of it, these TVs will be released in both the United States and Canada. Though do not look for them to arrive on the same day. It is possible the United States will come first followed by Canada, or both could come out on the same day. – Cord Cutters News

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