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Amazon To Partner With Onida For Manufacturing Of Smart TV’s Locally

Internet of things has been a boon for the millennial generations as it has led to a possibility of connecting everything with internet for a better integration and connectivity service which has been a demand since the inception of this technology and for those who invested in them within the apt time frame has yielded much better results to other dividends that they have achieved through diversified portfolios like FD’s or other forms of technology. Smart televisions are another hot sell in this segment, and with the increasing base of subscription services across the world the user tendencies have as much as amalgamated the concept of a television with a smart television for the separating connections and subscriptions have been a moot point since the integration of these devices happened under the IoT regime.

Amazon is one of the largest web services provider in the world and has its own subscription services for entertainment in the form of Amazon prime which lets a user operate from anywhere on the planet and can be used to stream media and entertainment on any device is given that it is connected to the internet and the account being used is authorized by the provider. In the light of these events and the Indian market showing signs of stabilization which is basically another term used for setting up the platform to jump-start the buying spree by the Indian consumer market, the company has paired with Onida for the manufacturing of Smart TVs which will be called Fire TV’s and will be available in two models one of which will be a 32-inch with a base price of Rs 12,999 and the other will be 43-inch with the bade band price of Rs 21,000. This is viewed as most market leaders ad the Amazon way of tackling the major competitors in the market in the form of Mi TV and OnePlus, who have just entered the segment this year itself. – The Wire News Now

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