Aisen Diversifies Its Product Portfolio With The Launch Of Water Heaters

Aisen diversifies its product portfolio with the launch of ‘Stella’ Water Heater. The 15 Litres and 25 litres Instant Water Heaters provide a solution for all your water heating purpose as it’s engineered to warm water in a flash.

The aesthetically designed machine adds to the contrast of your modern bathrooms. It’s ABS Plastic and Stainless Steel body brings superior performance to heating Solutions. Engineered with a built in high quality Copper Coil, the heating element does not wear out in case of any power cuts or voltage variation. The Polymer protective coating prevents rusting and makes the product abrasion free.

Equipped with the Thermal cut out feature, the Geyser cuts out, if the Water temperature exceeds the highest pre-set level. Its Multi – functional safety valve is designed to automatically relive pressure and discharge water in case the pressure over shoots the pre-set limits. The fusible plug brings safety first.

The 5 Star rated Stella saves high on energy and also on the Bills.  With 2 years of Warranty and 7 years on tank in 3 shades the product is available online with Amazon, Flipkart and also with leading retail stores across India. —TV Veopar Journal Bureau

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