Air Conditioner Remote Control Market To Increase At Steady Growth Rate 2018-2022

Over the last two decades, the technology in the electronic industry has made an impressive progress and consumer preferences toward energy efficient electronic products have undergone a considerable shift. These days’ consumers demand built-in consumer electronics and home appliances to save floor space. Besides, the air conditioner market has witnessed significant growth in the last couple of years. This growth of the air conditioner market is expected to positively impact the growth of the global air conditioner remote control market in the forthcoming years. Moreover, the construction industry is growing worldwide along with the growing demand for energy-efficient air conditioners, which in turn has increased the need of air conditioner remote controls. In addition to this, rapid urbanization in developing countries is likely to propel the construction activities, specifically in India, China, Brazil, Russia, Mexico and gulf countries, contributing to the growth of the global air conditioner remote control market.

An air conditioner remote control is a small hand-held electronic device for controlling any type of air conditioners, such as widow air conditioners, and slit air conditioners, among others. The air conditioner remote control performs various functions such as switching it On/Off, temperature change, mode change (dry/cool/fan), swing, and timer. Presently, most of the OEMs of air conditioner remote control are offering radio frequency-based remote controls for multidirectional and one directional use.

The major growth drivers of the global air conditioner remote control market include the penetration of air conditioners in countries where temperature goes high in summer. In addition, the growing construction activities in developing economies coupled with rising population and per capita income are also expected to be the strong factors for the growth of the market over the forecast period. Moreover, the proliferation of new air conditioner systems in commercial and industrial premises is increasing the demand for the air conditioner remote controls across the world.— Digital Journal

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