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AC purchases rise 3x; Refrigerators sales grow 2x in 2022

Purchase of air conditioners (ACs) has tripled while that of refrigerators has doubled in 2022 as Indian consumers continue to pull all stops to keep cool this summer, this along with several other insights have been revealed in Croma’s Unboxed Summer 2022.

Croma the omni-channel electronics retailer has announced the launch of Unboxed: Summer 2022 – which provides a set of unique insights that showcase how Indian consumers are keeping cool this summer and highlights rapidly evolving lifestyles shifts across the consumer spectrum.

Croma’s Unboxed Summer 2022 report reveals that this year’s persisting heatwave conditions across India have significantly increased the demand for cooling products for the home across categories:

  • Sales of refrigerators have shot up with more than a 100 per cent rise over 2021.
  • Cooling the home has become a priority with AC sales rising by 3x.
  • For the more value conscious, room cooler sales have witnessed a 2.5x jump in demand with the highest sales this summer coming from Pune.
  • Even fan sales have doubled in 2022 over 2021, and 1 in every 5 consumer was from Bengaluru.

Unboxed Summer 2022 also reveals that Indian consumers continue to tread at the leading edge of technology when it comes to choosing the ideal appliance or devices for their use:

  • Cities with smaller homes like Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Kolkata saw the maximum off-take of 1 Ton ACs.
  • Horizontally built cities in the north and central India witnessed more interest in 1.5-ton ACs during to larger average home sizes (accounting for 60% of all ACs sold).
  • Fifty per cent of all ACs sold across the country were energy efficient with 4-star or 5-star ratings.
  • The highest proportion of 5-star ACs were sold in Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru.
  • Fifty per cent of portable ACs were purchased in just 4 cities – Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune.
  • In Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Chennai, Vadodara, Indore over 50% buyers bought 3-star ACs.
  • NCR seems to be getting ready for winters with 62% of Hot and Cold ACs sold during summers in the region.
  • While Inverter-based refrigerators accounted for 60% of all purchases, the single biggest selling model was direct cool fridge with a capacity of 300 litres – indicating many first-time fridge buyers entering the market.

Besides Summer specific electronics, Croma’s Unboxed Summer 2022 also revealed some topical consumption trends that play a significant role in influencing consumer choices in electronics:

  • Microwaves – Sales of Microwaves shot up with consumers with 80% rise over 2021 as summer vacations led to cooking experiments at home and fun cooking with kids.
  • Male Grooming & Shaving – More than in any other season, in summers men follow healthy skin care regime and grooming habits to feel lighter and cooler, Male Grooming & Shaving products grew at 63% over 2021.
  • Travel batteries & chargers – Summer travel boomed this year, demand for travel accessories and chargers grew by 121% over last summer.
  • DJ machines –Summers are perfect for throwing parties and people are meeting more frequently now, DJ machines sales have witnessed a 3x jump in demand.
    Similarly, there has been more than 200% increase in the sale of Headphones as partial work from home continues and personal entertainment needs took over.
  • TV – Cricket and football fever led to more than 200% rise in large screen TV sale over 2021.

Avijit Mitra, MD & CEO, Croma, said, “Unboxed: Summer 2022 is our attempt to showcase consumer lifestyle changes during peak of the summer heat wave. While consumers are seeking comfort, they are also opting for energy efficient products. There are interesting trends emerging from categories beyond ACs and refrigerators, as entertainment, hobbies and personal care take precedence during summer season.”

Shibashish Roy, Chief Business Officer – Marketing & E-Commerce, Croma, said, “We were anticipating higher consumption pattern during this summer season. While we worked on ensuring the right range and benefits for the consumers, they came out with great enthusiasm to pick up products across categories. Unboxed Summer 2022 is a tribute to the changing aspirations of Indian consumer.” Best Media Info

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