A.O. Smith’s Investments Showing Traction

A decade after branching into water treatment, A.O. Smith’s (AOS) investments are beginning to show traction. And, it’s happening just in time.

A.O. Smith, at over 140 years old, has long been known for its water heaters. But, in the past decade, the manufacturer branched into water and air purification. The company markets residential and commercial products worldwide with strongholds in the United States and China.

The Past Decade

Of late, A.O. Smith has been able to boast of setting a new annual revenue record year after year.

Growth in China has been credited for the accomplishment. Since 2010, sales in China have grown at a compound annual growth rate of 17%. By 2017, sale in China were topping $1 billion.

Despite the significant growth in China spurring sales, its growth rate in its legacy business began steadily slowing from 2014 to 2016. A.O. Smith took a declarative step in the middle of the decade into water and air purification.―Seeking Alpha

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