A Husband-Wife Chat Never Heard Before

Cruise has always believed in delivering global quality products and has steadily evolved in strategic marketing activities. With the aim of providing healthy and pollutant free air for a good night’s sleep the brand launched its first TV commercial last year picturizing a young couple falling asleep calmly after switching to Cruise’s air conditioning. After the phenomenal response to its first TV commercial, the company rolled out its latest digital ad highlighting the premium collection of Cruise 5-in-1 Varioqool inverter air conditioners.

With advancement in the digital network and social media becoming the arena for the company to reach out to a wider audience, an ad was launched – A Husband-Wife Chat Never Heard Before on popular social media platforms. The advertisement gained universal appeal across all the target groups on the digital platform. The idea was to present the upgraded features like heating, cooling, air purifying, deodorizing, and dehumidifying of our premium range of inverter air conditioners.

The ad film was shot in Mumbai with the help of Whyness Worldwide. The idea was to take slice of real life situations which everyone relates to and infuse it with unbelievable reactions to effectively communicate that you get a lot more than you expect when you buy a Cruise AC. The mood of the ad is light hearted comedy between a husband and his wife along with dramatic twists and hilarious punch lines. The story is based on a husband-wife conversation wherein a husband is hesitating to tell his wife about a vacation with his friends in Bangkok, on the day of their anniversary, while the wife is planning to celebrate the day with him. Last few seconds of the ad presents a comical twist wherein the wife happily approves his holiday and encourages him to enjoy his holiday in Bangkok. The message was that life might not give you more than you expect, however with Cruise AC, one can be assured of superior air conditioning performance with upgraded features and impressive designs as per global quality standards.

This year, Cruise has extended marketing communication widely through all digital platforms. Digital being the most cost-effective medium has allowed the company to engage with the masses to boost the brand’s visibility and social media presence. The husband-wife ad in particular garnered substantial visibility on YouTube with more than four million views within a short span of time, making it a winner at the Mobby’s Awards 2018 for its smart content and strategic YouTube Marketing. With an overwhelming response on social media platforms like Facebook as well as WhatsApp Messenger, the ad is popular and appreciated for its humor and comic timing.

The campaign essentially focuses on the fact that an AC should predominantly be multi-functional to meet air conditioning requirements in all seasons, all year around. Taking this insight ahead, the company has presented Cruise AC as a great combination of product, experience, and value by keeping the brand’s core promise in mind that is to invest in yourself and uplift lifestyles with the company’s premium air conditioner series.

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