8K TV Panels Need Much More LED Chips For Backlighting, Says Epistar President

Since an 8K LCD TV panel has four times more pixels than a 4K one of the same size, the number of LED chips used in backlighting the former needs to be 50% more than the latter, according to Fan Chin-yung, president for LED epitaxial wafer and chip maker Epistar.

Although mini LED technology is not absolutely related to resolution of LCD TV panels, mini LED backlighting can produce better HDR (high dynamic range) and local dimming than LED backlighting for 75-, 85-, 100-inch and above LCD TVs, Fan noted.

As 8K broadcast will be adopted for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, global demand for 8K LCD TV panels is taking off in 2019, with sharp growth expected in 2020-2021, industry sources said.

Volume production of OLED TV panels will face technological bottlenecks when resolution level rises to 8K, but the problem will not exist for mini LED-backlit 8K LCD panels, vertically-integrated LED maker Lextar Electronics indicated.

Samsung Display is currently the globally leading supplier of 8K LCD TV panels, and global shipments for such panels in 2019 are estimated at 200,000-300,000 units, the sources said.

Taiwan-based TFT-LCD panel maker AU Optronics in 2019 began small-volume production of 85-inch 8K LCD TV panels for supply for Japan-based TV vendors and, in January of the year, formed 8K Association with Samsung Electronics, Panasonic and China-based Hisense and TCL in a bid to set up an 8K ecosystem, the sources noted. Taiwan-based fellow maker Innolux has cooperated with Sharp to develop application of 8K display to daily life, AI-based smart manufacturing and medical care, the sources indicated.―Digitimes

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