8K Displays To Embrace Bright Application Prospect

For many consumers, the differences between images shown on 4K and 8K displays may not be that obvious, but the latter is expected to see increasingly bright prospect for applications, according to market observers.

The observers said that as only big screens can fully demonstrate 8K, replacement demand for large-screen 8K TVs can be well expected in the near future, driving up shipments of large-size panels.

8K resolution is also very suitable for large-size digital signage and TV walls designed to play informative, instructive or promotional films in public places.

8K can also perform well at large-size concerts or entertainment events gathering thousands of people, allowing the audiences to see high-resolution images on larger on-site TV walls, observers noted.

At the moment, image resolution offered by most movie theaters is only 1080P, prompting 8K display solutions providers to push for a revolution for theaters to adopt micro LED technology to replace the existing “projector + screen” display solution.

8K TV walls can also be used to replace green screen at photography studios, and can also be applied to small screens at hospitals to locate symptoms of patients or spot defects of medical products, the observers said.

The observers said that 8K displays are expected to first penetrate the enterprise application market before gaining popularity in the household entertainment market.


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