30 Percent More Cooling When You Need It

Blue Star Limited, in terms of advertising and brand communication, enhanced its advertising spends, given its continued thrust on the residential segment. The new range of inverter air conditioners launched in FY18 has taken Blue Star’s differentiated value proposition of Nobody Cools Better for the residential audience to the next level, by offering a unique and exceptional aspect of 30 percent more cooling when you need it. A 360-degree mass media campaign was launched for the summer which included television, print, outdoor, and digital. Blue Star strategically created two television commercials, conveying the message in two different ways for better understanding, supported by print advertisements in mainline dailies as well as hoardings with the incorporation of several innovations. The company has augmented its digital marketing efforts in social media as well as the internet. In this medium, Blue Star has invested in properties spanning text, display and video, along with several innovative formats, with a strong focus on brand awareness and recall.

One of the room air conditioners media campaign incorporated 30 percent more cooling when you need it offered by the inverter air conditioners. The ad highlights that the Blue Star inverter AC performs efficiently even under extra load conditions when there are more people in the room, by providing 30 percent more cooling. This feature is being communicated with Chimpanzees ad film conceptualized by Blue Star’s advertising partner, FCB Interface. It is based on the instance when unexpected guests, that is, humans’ tree-climbing cousins, crash into the house. The film brings alive the comparison between an ordinary AC and the Blue Star inverter AC.

Hot and bothered chimpanzees invade an unsuspecting man’s house – but find his air conditioning less than satisfactory in this gleefully silly spot from Offroad Films director Abhijit Sudhakar and Indian agency FCB Interface. It highlights the issue that more traditional units struggle to keep temperatures comfortably cool when a room fills up with people, in this case, primates. The invading apes get agitated and start pulling out books and magazines as makeshift fans. But there is a happy ending as the man upgrades his air conditioner, allowing him to chill out with his hairy new friends. Chimps share 96 percent of humans’ DNA and they are the stars of this Blue Star film. The agency’s planning team and client team interrogated the product until it confessed to its strength and the promise; the promise that the cooling capacity can increase by up to 30 percent if the load increases.

Agency. FCB Interface Communications
Chief Creative Officer. Robby Mathew
Account Management. Ruchita Purohit, Manoj Ramrakhiani, and Krunal Varia
Creative Team. Ashutosh Joshi, C Sricharan, Vignesh Iyer, Durgesh Amble, Adith Fernandes, and Ketan Kadam
Agency Producers. Alpa Jobalia, Mazhar Khan, and Stanley Christian
Production House. Off Road Films
Director. Piyush Raghani Abhijit Sudhakar

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