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270 consumer durable brands advertised during Jan-May’22 on television

Television advertising volumes for the durables sector climbed 2.5 times and twice as much during Jan-May’22 and Jan-May’21 respectively compared to Jan-May’20, according to the data released by AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research. Sector, durables witnessed 23% growth in Jan-May’22 compared to Jan-May’21. During Jan-May’22, the top 10 categories and advertisers accounted for more than 80% and 45% of total ad volume respectively. Due to the summer months in Jan-May’22, categories involving cooling equipment such as air conditioners, fans, air coolers, and refrigerators dominated the durable sector’s list.

More than 270 brands advertised during Jan-May’22 on television among which the top 10 brands had 29% share of ad volumes. During Jan-May’22, more than 150 exclusive brands advertised under durables sector and three brands were of BPL Ltd and two of Electrolux Kelvinator advertiser. What’s more, the news genre alone accounted for 60% of the sector’s ad volume, with GEC coming in second place. News bulletin emerged as the most preferred program genre to promote durables brands on television. Top two program genres, news bulletin and feature films together added almost 60% of the sector ad volumes. On TV, prime time was the most preferred time-band, followed by afternoon. Meanwhile, advertisers of durables sector preferred 20-40 secs ad size on TV.

When comparing Jan-May’21-22 to Jan-May’20, the ad space in the durables sector increased by 2.3 and 3.7 times in print medium respectively. Consumer durables/home appliances topped among the categories of durables sector in print with more than 30% of the ad space’s share. TTK Prestige India was the top advertiser in the sector with 11% share of ad space during Jan-May’21. Top 10 advertisers accounted for more than 50% share of ad space.

During Jan-May’22, more than 1,130 exclusive brands appeared under durables sector compared to Jan-May’21 in print. 38% of the durables’ ad space was in hindi language. The top five publication languages together added 85% share of sector’s ad space. General interest publication genre had almost 100% share of sector’s ad space in Jan-May’22. 63% share of ad space in the durables sector was with various promotional offers during Jan-May’22. Among the sales promotions, multiple promotion had highest share of ad space at 47% followed by discount promotion. More than 440 advertisers advertised with sales promotions in durables sector. TTK Prestige India had 16% of the sector ad space among the ads with sales promotions during Jan-May’22.

On radio, ad volumes for durables sector saw a spike of 4.7 times in Jan-May’22 over Jan-May’20. Also ad volumes grew by 14% in Jan-May’22 over Jan-May’21. On radio, top 10 category added with 87% of the total durables ad volumes whereas air conditioners category topped with 30% share of sector ad volumes on radio. Top 10 advertisers added more than 55% share of ad volumes during Jan-May’22. The top 10 brands added 46% to the overall advertising space of durables sector on radio. More than 70 brands advertised exclusively during Jan-May’22 over Jan-May’21. Advertising for the durables sector was preferred in the evening and morning time bands, which together accounted for 72% of the sector’s ad volumes on radio.

Ad insertions of durables sector on digital medium saw a continuous rise of 3.2 and 4.9 times in Jan-May’21-22 over Jan-May’20 whereas 54% rise seen in Jan-May’22 compared to Jan-May’21. On digital, consumer durables/home appliances category was on top with 22% share of sector’s advertising. Top 10 categories added 75% share of sector ad insertions on digital. Top 10 advertisers had 62% share of ad insertions during Jan-May’22 with Dyson Technology India on top of the list adding 13% share. Display ads had more than 80% share of sector ad insertions during Jan-May’22. Among the digital platforms, desktop display topped with 43% share of ad insertions followed by mobile display with 37% share. The Financial Express

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