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2019: A Year Of Redefining The Immersive Viewing Experience

Television technology is progressing at an astounding rate. From luxury to necessity, viewing television has become an integral part of our daily life. From a simple medium to transmit moving images with sound, it has become a major source of entertainment, advertisement, news, and education. The constant innovations across the industry have led to changing consumer expectations, crisper image-rendering displays, and new data-intensive services, have amplified the usage and consumer experience. This new age television viewing aided with the increased availability of the smart television content has transformed the way users consume content from televisions.

Today the range of cathode ray tube (CRT) display televisions have been replaced by flat panel display televisions. The latest addition to the progression of televisions is the 8K television technology moving away from the world of LEDs/LCDs to OLED, QLED, HDR, and 4K televisions.

However, with a gradual shift from the cable TV viewing experience, the industry can expect the demand to rise for 4K televisions embedded with enhanced brightness and nuanced shadow details for the best HDR content.

This year various manufacturers are introducing newer marketing strategies to expand their market share in this sector. They are launching a wide range of flat-screen televisions with 4K TV technology which is leading to an intensely competitive and fragmented industry. This fast gowning 4K technology allows consumers with high-end viewing experience with richer color, clearer image quality much that a regular HD television lacks.

Another prominent LCD technology catching user’s attention is quantum dots which offers a wider array of colors and more brightness to television sets.

In the year 2019, television shoppers can expect to see more jumbo-sized sets in stores, along with more enhancements to display performance and increasingly sophisticated voice control features. With additionally built-in voice-enabled digital assistants, especially Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, as part of their smart DNA, allowing a new level of interaction with other smart products.

In the next 2 years, the best example of emerging technology will be 8K display, which will offer four times the resolution of today’s 4K models. Even though consumers are not clamoring for 8K sets, we will see these televisions from several brands and they will likely to be very big and expensive. 8K is the natural progression in the televisions market.

Over the top (OTT) television is another new age of broadcasting which has moved beyond linear television, expensive cable bundles, and inflexible programming. In fact, live streaming such as Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime has ushered in the age of television everywhere and burgeoning content.

These stand-alone streaming services are attracting the millennials in hoards and have given rise to smart televisions that are armed with a built-in Wi-Fi system, bringing home the smart world for the consumers. Advancements such as smart share feature which allow users to connect their smartphones wirelessly to the television and enjoy their mobile content like videos, photos, etc. on large screens.

The vision of television in 2020 is going to be all about personalized technology, on-demand viewer experience, individuated content distribution, binge-watching, small television shows, and independent cinema, innovative television formats, more localized and vernacular content, ad-free models to targeted ads and everyone connected to a smart television.

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