2018 – The Year Of A Connected World

Consumer electronics giants across the world are looking at 2018 to be the year for delivering on the promise of a connected world.

For the past several years, Internet of Things (IoT) has remained the industry’s biggest buzzword for its promise of delivering seamless connectivity across the multiple devices and technologies we interact with in our daily lives, from smartphones to smart TVs to refrigerators to even cars. Yet, while the vision has been alluring, with IoT and related technologies still maturing, the promise has always remained a few years off.

Until now, the promise of a world of connected devices has remained too fragmented, and as a result too complex and difficult for consumers to navigate or practically take advantage of. However, a connected world should be anything but. It should work, and make life easier.

At CES 2018, scheduled in Las Vegas, January 9–12, visitors will see breakthroughs by leading electronics companies to make the IoT experience easy and intuitive, involving delivering seamless connectivity between any device through a single experience, backed by an integrated ecosystem to manage all the devices in close, fluid synchronization.

The non-buzzwords paint an equally astounding, albeit more serious picture. Social media addiction and the related creation of echo chambers and increased tribalism have changed the social fabric of our nation. Enhanced automation and robotics are replacing workers more quickly than most people expected. Exponentially paced changes in media, distribution, retail, marketing, and advertising are seriously disruptive forces. And it is now crystal clear that to be competitive, every company must have world-class tech capabilities.

The Indian industry, which has left demonetization and its ill effects behind, with the implementation of GST, among other obvious positives, is looking at a major reduction in warehousing cost, believes the worst is over. Each brand, in line with its international operations is looking to bring industry-first innovations for Indian consumers with an exciting lineup of future-ready products.

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