Saurabh Kabra , Director – Business Operations India , Truvison Industries Pvt Ltd.

Flat-paneled TVs are certainly the center of attraction today. And why not, the technology they deliver is blazing fast and loaded with resourceful, never-seen-before features. However, what makes them different are their aesthetics; the perfect glossy finish over the sharply edged panels and rich picture quality which snaps the dimensions to reality. But before we dig in for a deeper understanding of the flat-panel TVs, let us acknowledge the overall market scenario; the evident transitions, and the changes in predictions. The Indian TV market in 2017 though had reached the international platform with its unique pricing and manufacturing management. It has been a phenomenal year for the Make in India initiative brands with respect to overall aspects.

Truvison, in its latter year of operation, carved out a distinct sphere as a worthy competitor for even the international brands across the globe. Speaking of market economics, Truvison widely stretched the brand to all corners of India; credits to the unwavering quality of the products. Though GST did cause vast changes in the pricing of LED TVs, Truvison was steadfast in delivering top-notch quality in its products as always.

Undoubtedly, the reason for market’s hike is technology; every brand has tried to out-power the other one. Each brand is steadfastly carving out its distinct name in this sphere alongside grossing maximum customer support through various ways of either promoting expeditiously or delivering the best-in-class technology.

Technology has proved its significance immensely in the recent years with the rollout of interactive TV controls and smart TVs. Considering sales according to technology, backlight smart technology turned out to be very appropriate for Indian homes.

Truvison successfully brought Cornea technology in India at incredibly potent prices. Unlike any other brand, Truvison offers its customers power-packed products keeping the quality unwavered. Cornea technology introduced by Truvison was first applicable from the unveiling of the flat-panel TVs, ensuring the rich and relaxed experience with minimal strain caused to the eye. All these technologies have been very resourceful and interesting; also they have somewhere bridged the gap between requirements and deliveries.

The fact that technology which could be a key differentiator, market growth in Tier-II, Tier-III, and Tier-IV cities besides metro cities in India reflects price portraying a significant factor after new technology made an entrance. Consumers in these cities though eye for technology to be top-notch and upgraded, they hunt for deals and prudent prices. Observing all of it, Truvison has been steadfastly delivering excellent quality at prudent prices, and this is what made Truvison stand out from all the other brands in the market.

As an aspiring Indian brand, though Truvison faced several challenges while setting its firm foothold. The major hurdles faced were the evident competition not just from the other brands but also the IT giants, since the start. The several emerging brands which marked the challenging market atmosphere led to a price war. Despite the aggressive pricing, Truvison has been steadfastly delivering excellent product quality at prudent prices.

2018 brought resolutions and opportunities to embark on new milestones. Truvison certainly too envisions a better and brighter future ahead for 2018. The government norms of hiking import duty and creating a friendly and healthy ambience for local manufacturers are the very first plan for 2018 operations. However, viewing the current stats from supplier’s point of view, there is an expectation of an upward trend in the marketing sector, especially in buying and in demand for the reason of various global sports events. Also, the pricing factors have shown a substantial decline so as to create a buzz in the market. The market has just opened up; ample government support is one of the biggest opportunities. Tier-III and Tier-IV markets are therefore being explored. Pacing ahead of several brands in the industry and other MNCs, Truvison gained an improved momentum in the major Tier-I and Tier-II cities and will undertake the BTL and ATL activities.