The LED TV Specialist , Wybor

Wybor carries a legacy of 40 years for excellence in manufacturing electronics and has evolved itself from B&W/color   CRT TVs to LCD TVs to currently UHD 4K smart LED TVs. The company excel in producing feature rich LED TVs, delivering innovations which has always been well received by the end users. The unified response and trust from the market provided us the tag The LED TV Specialist.

The BTL activities also are in sync with Wybor values highlighting features and benefits, which make customer to become smart by choosing innovative products at affordable prices from the The Specialist. Hoardings, wall-wraps, glow sign boards, LED boards, POS branding, and other POP materials are created to strengthen brand image and support Wybor trade partners at the market place. Dealer meets were organized at various cities across the country to showcase and familiarize the trade with Wybor products. The company has recently launched wide range of semi-automatic washing machines and washers which have received overwhelming response from Wybor customers. The print ads in major newspapers and magazines were focused and provided the thrust and momentum to imbibe the feeling of being a smart-buyer and educating them about specialty and features of Wybor products. Wybor LED TVs come with astonishing features like point and move with its revolutionary Airfly remote, screen-share, TV apps,
Wi-fi/LAN, mobile connectivity etc., on top of its top class super luminance screen and 16.7 million colors with UHD 4K resolution.

The company social media engagement on Facebook received a very enthusiastic response for the series educating smart features provided in Wybor smart TVs. Contests were run to facilitate buyers to top-up the pride feeling of owning The Specialist Wybor LED TV. Free tickets to Bangkok were offered to contestants along with the TV upgrade offer. Wybor’s social advertising campaigns and regular updates on our website –  and educated early browsers on the unique features and differentiators of our products.

The idea is to communicate our expertise translated in our products and communication. The Wybor TVC keeps a humorous plot with youth energy. The message called out it clear as Smart Bano by being smart enough to choose the right product. The state of feeling wiser has a great longevity along with the trust factor of The Specialist. Wybor TV commercial shows how a smart person shines out modestly in front of a bragging friend and how he gets amazed and vanishes dramatically after looking at the price of LED purchased by his friend. Price is no longer believed as bait nowadays, but coupled with alluring features makes it contextual for the end users. The Wybor TVC with three versions of 10- 20-30 seconds was aired on NDTV during the festive season this October 2017. Wybor TV commercial created a lot of curiosity and excitement among trade and customers alike. A TV commercial for washing machines has also been planned this quarter along with LED TV commercial covering a whole lot of Hindi news channels and some entertainment channels with regional channels like PTC for Punjab, TV9/NTV/Gemini etc., for AP-Telangana and Sun TV in Tamil Nadu.

 “The company priority has always been quality and delivering the latest features at affordable prices. The advertisement of Wybor communicates our excellence and induces a behavior of Smart Bano and why to choose The LED TV Specialist. The quality assurance is deeply integrated as the backbone of Wybor and Idea is to communicate and carry forward our strength in all our communications.”

Vijay Sharma

Director- Sales,

Wybor – A premium brand of MEPL