Samsung Electronics started official sales of its latest TV model that resembles a piece of artwork hung on a wall in Korea on June 19.

“The Frame,” which won an innovation award at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year, is available to local customers for 3.44 million won (USUSD 3,043) for the 55-inch version, while the 65-inch model retails for 5.15 million won. The TV, which is equipped with an interchangeable bezel, offers UHD picture quality when turned on and looks like a piece of artwork when it is not in use, Samsung said.

Customers have access to 100 paintings and photographs from 37 renowned artists, and can access the Art Store to purchase additional artworks, officials said.

Users can also display their own photos, the company said, adding that a bezel can be customized by allowing customers to choose the bezel color and material.

The Frame has motion and light sensors built into the front, so that the screen turns completely off if it does not sense activity in the room to save power consumption, officials said.

Samsung Electronics said the users can also adjust the brightness of the display based on ambient light levels depending on the room’s decor. – The Investor