Panasonic has rolled out its new range of convection microwaves in 23 litres capacity. When it comes to using microwave, one of the biggest issues faced by users is the space constraint. Their houses are packed and thus the people have less space to fit their belongings, so elaborate cooking appliances are not an option for the working class homes. The newly launched microwaves because of their size and sleek design take little space and are suitable in catering to the needs of a four member household. The microwaves are designed to offer everyday convenience with features like more space, combination cooking and easy cleaning.

NN-DF383BFCE: The Panasonic Microwave Double Heater with Inverter is perfect for preparing Indian specialties by methods of Barbeque, Baking and Tandoor.Panasonic NN-DF383B FCE

It comes with double heater system which heats the food from top and bottom for a perfect finish. Equipped with inverter technology which uses precise heat control, it delivers sumptuous meals without much effort. A very unique feature of this model is its flat & wide cavity which provides a 57% more usable space than a regular 23 litres microwave and helps cook a lot of food at once. Some of its useful features include:

  • Double Heater System
  • 71 Auto Cook Menus
  • Sensor Reheat: Automatic 1 touch heating;
  • Simultaneous Combination Cooking
  • Inverter Technology: Precise Heat Control
  • 57-percent more usable space than a regular 23 Litre

NN-CT353BFCG: The Panasonic Microwave Convection Oven is a blessing for anyone who cooks. The latter assists the cook with the help of its 61 Auto Cook Panasonic NN-CT353B FCGMenus and Express Cooking services, promising quick, easy and tasty food on the plate. Panasonic NN-CT353BFCG is priced at Rs 12, 490. It comes with the following features:

  • 61 Auto Cook Menus
  • Turbo Defrost
  • Express Cooking
  • 40, 100-200 Degree Temperature settings
  • Easy & Reliable Membrane Switches

Mr. Gaurav Minocha - Head, Home Appliances Panasonic India was thrilled to announce the launch of the latest set of microwave ovens. "In India, microwaves have been mostly used for secondary purposes like reheating food.

In its efforts to introduce microwave cooking to Indian household, Panasonic has launched microwave ovens especially designed to cook Indian variety of food which require intense procedures like thorough cooking and grilling.

This would greatly ease out cooking for the Indian homemaker while at the same time delivering healthy yet delicious meals."

Both the models will be available in market from January onwards. 


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